E ljudi.Želim sve izvinuti jer nisam aktivna.Razlog:Škola kao i uvijek.Ne znam kad cu pocet ponovo pisati ali kad pocnem sigurno ce biti sve novo i ovaj put obecavam elite srediti.Zasad ne znam kad cu se vratiti.Ali sigurno me nece biti dugo.Izvinjavam se 100000000 puta.Volim vas <3

"People have been kind enough to compare me to Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. I think it's amazing that they even put my name in the same sentence."

"I am vegetarian so I don't have clothes, shoes, or bags made from leather or suede or any animal products… I'm on a mission."

"I get honest opinions from my family and friends. They aren't always telling me what I want to hear, but the truth helps keep my head straight."


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